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Happy New Year…a little late

The new year always brings new beginnings and new expectations.  Once again I have vowed to be more diligent at updating the website.  Not off to a good start am I???  It’s already February 12th.  I had good intentions, but getting started is always the hard part.

Once again I set some goals for myself for the year.  January’s goal was to get set up on .  I did that on February 9th, just a few days late.  I made the big step of selling my creations online, so we will see what happens.  I have a lot of people ask me if I do when I’m out at a show and friends kept telling me I should and I talked about doing it all last year, so now was the time.  My friend Megan, over at Stitch Cleveland help me get things set up.  So check it out!  You can find me at .  It’s going to take some time to get it fully stocked and running smooth, but check it out and let me know what you think.

Well, February is half over and I haven’t started on this month’s goal yet, so I guess it might be a little late too.  February’s goal is design my own fabric on Spoonflower.  Wish me luck!

Check out these links

Just a quick one today on where you can find me on some websites.  First off, the Threads Magazine website in the Reader’s Closet section.  I submitted my green denim jacket (under QCD) that I made out of flea market fabric that still had the $.97/yard sticker on it.  The magic of this project was the buttonholes that I made separately and fused on the lapel and collar due to having too much bulk at the seam.  I wasn’t getting good ends on my buttonholes the normal way of sewing them.

Next up, my corduroy jacket from a Simplicity Project Runway pattern. Good story on that one too, got the fabric from a vintage fabric yard sale for $5.  Not only did I make the coat, but also a skirt and still have fabric left.  What a steal!  The lining was $2 a yard and I got the buttons for half price.  All totaled out at $20-$25 for the project.  Can’t buy it for that!