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Quilting by Improvisation

Last weekend I headed to a class in Smithville, OH.  Where’s Smithville you ask?  It’s a little town near Wooster and not too far from Orville, OH, home of Smuckers jelly.  It’s not too exciting of a town, but I have gotten to know a woman who used to own the quilt shop there and get her emails.

Anyway, the class was taught by Vikki Piggnatelli, another Ohio artist who hails from Reynoldsburg, down by Columbus.  I was not aware of Vikki’s work before taking the class, but the announcement about the class really got my attention.  Her work is very artistic and spectular to look at the detail.

The first day we learned her technique for exploring curves using a pattern.  The process is very simple and once you have all the pieces cut and in place, then it is sewn.  Vikki kept telling us there are “NO RULES” to the process. Using scraps from our stash and a simple pattern drawn on freezer paper we created a dancing star.

The second day we reinforced her technique and created our own free form piece.  It was a little intimidating at first, but once you felt the freedom to create it became easier as you shaped, cut and moved the pieces of fabric around till it was in just the right position.

She also taught us a great way to make irregular edges, borders and facings to our quilts that fit more with the design of our finished project.  No more 1/4″ seams or trying to get a perfect mittered corner on a binding.

I really felt that this is the direction my quilting is going.  I just can’t get into jelly rolls, honey buns and all those other “bakery items”  the quilt stores are sell lately.  I also have a new prespective on fabric values and will be looking for more saturated colors to get drama to my projects.

My free form project is still developing, but it will have to wait since I’m off on vacation next week.  We will be heading to our friend’s house on Lake Gaston in N. Carolina.  It’s a long drive, but I get to stop at Batiks Etc, in Wythville, VA for some of their yummy batiks.  YEAH!

Chicago Adventures – Art Quilt Class

This year I took a class at the Quilt Festival.  I wanted to take something that I normally don’t do and not have to lug a lot of supplies with me.  This one was great.  In the fact, the the kit fee provided everything and I only had to bring scissors, an apron, a trash bag and rubber stamps if I wanted.  It all fit in a ziplock bag – YEAH!

This class was so out of my comfort zone.  I don’t paint and I don’t rubber stamp.  Just ask my friend Karen about the Christmas card incident. We did both in this class.  We used tissue paper that we fused to Steam a Steam Light (I love, love, love this product), then paint washed over, added some stamping, foiling and Angelina to it.  We also painted and stamped a piece of fabric.  We also embossed stamps into puffy foam (which I usually despise) and painted a brown paper bag. Remember, I don’t paint or rubber stamp, so I’m asking lots of questions and counting the hours till the afternoon when we get to sew.

After all of our fabric/tissue creating, we fused it batting and put a piece of felt on the back, then added decorative stitches.  Yeah! Hooray!  A sewing machine.  I was very pleased with the outcome and will proudly hang it in my studio.  I probably won’t do it again, but it stretched my boundaries which is what a class is suppose to do.

Our teacher was Rebekah Meier and she has a new book coming out, so check out her website.  I encourage all of you to reach out and try something new.