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Silk Screened t-shirts

Sorry, it’s been awhile since the last post.  I got a new camera and have been trying to figure it out.  Still working on the technical settings, even though it is suppose to be “easy”.  Yeah right!

Anyway, I cut out some the t-shirt fabric I got at Vogue Fabrics in April and used some of my Marcy Tilton silk screens to embellish them before I sewed them up.  It’s amazing how more expensive fabric feels and how it works with your project.  These peach t-shirts were the lesser expensive fabrics that I did first.  Not a lot of stretch to it and kind of slight of hand to the touch.

I used a random square design along the curved front and inserted a mesh/netting strip under the overlapping seam to stick out just a bit.  I repeated the block design on the hems of the sleeves to tie it all together.  This is Marcy’s Vogue Pattern #8497

This next t-shirt I had made originally in the fall with long sleeves and LOVED IT!  It fit great, so I decided to make it again only sleeveless for the summer.  Well, I still love the style, but this peach fabric isn’t as nice as the fabric I made my first one out of and fits me totally different. 

On this t-shirt I silk screened just the neck and arm facings.  I used a broken line design and when you twist the facings you just see them now and then.  This is Marcy’s Vogue Pattern # 8582. 

I’ve got two more t-shirts screened and ready to go.  One is made and the other is cut out, so will hopefully have those up later this week.  Hopefully, I will also have a better grasp of the new camera.  I ordered some new screens about a week ago, so when they come I can keep going on my t-shirt making adventure!