Why is it……..

Why is it that you see a great idea or project in a magazine then you can never find the fabrics they used?  I’ve been a little slow in the creative process lately, so I was looking through some new magazines and saw  two cool dying projects in the latest issue of Creative Machine Embroidery & Textile Design.

The first project’s directions talked about using one type of fabric, but didn’t have it listed in the supply list.  That’s confusing.  The second project listed a fabric I was not familiar with, so I contacted the project’s designer.  She said she had no idea where I could get it since it was sent to her by the magazine’s editor.  How frustrating!

This is not the first time I have had this problem in trying to do a project from a major publication.  You would think they would one, list sources for the materials need  and two, make sure the directions are right.  Don’t even get me started on directions that are published and have errors.

I know I haven’t posted much this past month.  I’ve been a little blocked creatively and just puttering around with sewing odds and ends.  I leave next week for the International Quilt Festival in Chicago, so I know I’ll come back with a head full of ideas and an empty wallet.

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