International Quilt Festival Chicago

 Just back from the International Quilt Festival that was held in Chicago this weekend.  What a wonderful event!  If you didn’t get a chance to go check out the virtual tour on their website  There were over 425 vendors, classes and exhibits to put you into creative overload.  You also left with a well used credit card and a lighter wallet.

This spring event has been held in Chicago for the past 8 years, but next year will move to Cincinnati.  The reasons given for the change was better parking, more food and hotel options and less traffic.  I couldn’t believe the traffic!  It’s noon and we are at a dead stop going through Chicago on a Thursday.  I didn’t think it could be worse, but it was when we got back on the highway at 3:00PM.  The fall event will remain in Houston and supposedly is even bigger than this event.  I can’t even imagine!

So over the next week or so I will be doing mini reviews and thoughts on the things I bought, saw and visited while I was there.  We’ll call them the Chicago Adventure.

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