The Long Winter

Here in NE Ohio it has been a veryyyyyy long winter.  Record snow falls, crazy storms and cabin fever.  The long winter has taken a toll on my creativity, thus the lack of work on the website.  New Year’s came and went and so did the annual resolutions and things I’m going to do without a budge.  February came and with that no change in the weather and an injury that kept me sidelined for 3 weeks from my workout routine.  Thank God that has finally resolved itself, but again trying to get in a routine.  It is now March.

Summer shows are begining to kick off with application deadlines looming, that in itself is process and takes a whole day to work through.  Taking pictures of my latest work, printing the pictures, filling out the applications (which no 2 are the same), mailing the checks and then waiting to hear if I’ve been accepted.  Your summer is penciled in till you hear and other applications are in the “maybe” pile to send in if you don’t get in to another show.

I also have put myself on a “fabric diet”.  After doing my end of year summary I realized how much fabric I bought last year and went ouch!  So as I started last year – to use it up is going to continue to be my motto.  There are a few rules:

1.  You can only buy fabric to finish/complete a project that I already started with from my current stash. 

2.  Tools and equipment (sewing machine/serger feet, iron, software,) are exempt from the diet.

My husband says it sounds like there are a lot of rules to the diet and that they change as needed.  Oh well, you should never deprive yourself totally on any diet as my good friend Karen reminded me as I was shopping for lining fabric to finish a project and she “allowed” me to but another piece I liked too.  She was my “fabric supervisor” the other day as I shopped at a vendors event.  Also when you find 6 new pillow forms on Craig’s list for $25 you can’t pass that up.

I know I said this before and it’s been more than 6 months…….I WILL be better at doing this site.  So YOU be better and send me some comments!

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