Dream Coat

Last month I attended the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo here in Cleveland.  Each time I go I swear it gets smaller, but supposedly this was their biggest one yet.  Anyway…..one of the booths that I always stop in to is Barb Originals by Barb Callahan.  This year she had her latest creation called Dream Coats.  She took various sweaters, t-shirts and other fabrics, then serged them all together to make a fun and unique jacket.  I fell in love with the one she had on, just my colors.  Luckily, she had some kits made up to sell along with her DVD called Dream Coats.

I first watched her DVD on how to cut and assemble the project.  Next was a stop at my friend Mae’s house for serger thread.  She has a ton of it in a million colors, so it is like shopping in a candy store.  That is one reason she is so amply named the “Serger Queen”.  So last Monday, which it was a very rainy day, I set out to make my dream coat.  Luckily, all the pieces had been pre-cut and labeled in my kit, so I was ready to go.  Wow!  How Fun!  How Easy!  I had it done in now time! 


My dream coat really is a dream!  Thanks Barb!  What new things will you have next year?

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  • You mentioned that you bought the kit and DVD. Do you have any suggestions where I could buy the same?

  • I got it from Barb Callahan at the Sewing Expo. I’m sure if you contact her at barboriginals.com she could tell you how to get one. I don’t see them for sale on her site, but maybe she can send you one or tell you where she will be exhibiting at. Thanks!

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