Show Time!

The summer show season is well underway.  In July, I attend the Willoughby Arts Fest which is always a great event and HOT!  I have to say it wasn’t as hot as last year and due to them moving the booths to the sides of the street we actually had some shade.  Good move because we were like eggs frying on a black top skillet.

August proved to be an equally crazy weather month for events.  We started with a rain out for the Medina show on August 14th, decent weather for Painesville’s Art in the Park on the 20th and well another scorcher Labor Day weekend at Hale Farm and Village.  This time 94 degrees and frying on a skillet of grass. 

Show time is always a great time to meet new people and pick up a few new customers.  Every year I try to add one or two new events to try and so far  Hale Farm turned out to be good. Let’s see what the Wooster Arts and Jazz Fest on September 17th brings.

Please come out and support your local artists and communities!  Shop local!

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