Getting Crafty!

Yes, I said “crafty”, which I am so NOT!  But this project did involve some fabric, so I guess that makes it okay.  So here we go……..I bought this little table at a barn sale last fall.  I think it was an old vanity, but not sure, doesn’t even have a back on it.





So I had my hubby cut a piece of wood for the back and I put fresh white paint on it.  Next was what to do with the top since I wanted to use it as a side table on my covered porch for extra dishes, etc.  I originally wanted to do a tile top, but hubby put a stop to that, then I was on Pinterest, what a great site, any way I saw where someone had Mod Podge a pair of shoes!  How cool!  So I decided to that to the top of my table  – FABRIC!  Also going to try the Mod Podge shoes too.





Then I painted a strip on the front to look like drawers and add a cool knob from Pier 1.  I love that store, such cool stuff and cheap.  So that’s my “crafty” project.  I also had a piece of glass cut for the top, so I could easily wipe it off.

Not bad for a non-crafty girl!

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