My purses are all one of a kind.  I’m not a mass production kind of person.  Whatever inspiration hits me I go with.  It can be a little scary how my mind works, just ask my husband.  I like to look at things not for their intended use.

Here’s some of purses.  If you see something you like or want to create your own, contact me atesther@quiltedcatdesigns.com

Fun at the Beach

Pink Wool Collection

Winter 2011/2012

The winter can be a gloomy time, but for me it finally brok my creative block.  Enjoy a few exciting creations from my winter of sewing.

The Orange Collection

I spent the early months of 2011 using up scraps.  I went through an “orange faze” several years ago with my quilts.  The leftovers were all nicely organized into Ziploc bags with all the coordinating parts.  These bags were all made with those leftovers.  Sew, add a strip, cut, repeat….that is how the “Orange Collection” came about.  The scraps also produced a dozen little zipper bags.

Spring 2010 Bags

Black and white is always in style.  These all started with a remnant of fabric and some handles I didn’t like (the oval ones).  As I continue on my “use it up” approach to the year I pick something (fabric, trim, scraps, etc.) and “make it work” as Tim Gunn says on Project Runway.  Hope you like them. 





This bag started with a remnant of purple oil cloth.  My intent was to have the iol cloth on the outside with decorative serging on the edges.  Well, logic told me right sides together, that made the stitching on the fabric side, so it now became reverseable !  I screwed up putting in regular grommets, so they became big grommets.  Make a mistake?  Turn it into a design element!


Grids & Grommets

I have to admit, I’m a Batik Freak!  I just love them!  This strip pieced bag really shows the rich tones of the fabric – burgundy, browns and oranges.  Also available in a larger size.

Bumble Bees

Yes, there are bees on the fabric.  How fun is that? It has ties on the side and a zipper closure.  I’ve also made this out of Home Dec fabric for a more earthy look.

Another strip pieced bag that is fun.  Depending on your fabric will depend on how it looks.


This large tote is my own design.  It’s made of swirl print home dec fabric and has black suede pockets on the outside. Inside there are also large pockets and great to tote to office.

How about a green floral E-Bag? Great to take to the summer cottage, the farmer’s market or flea market.  It’s large enough to hold all of your wonderful finds.

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