My “Sewing Assistants”

You will almost always find my “sewing assistants” Buddy and Mouse (aka. the boys) helping me in my studio.  They like to of course check out everything. They think it’s their job to make sure materials soft enough for a quilt or must “hold something down” for me.

We rescued the boys from our local shelter and they are the best cats we have ever had.  They are not litter mates, but you would never know it.  Buddy is long, sleek and a little goofy.  Mouse is loving and has the sweetest little face.

I hope you enjoy their adventures in my sewing room.

Buddy is checking out my serger.


Mouse is having such a stressful day.  Yes, he’s laying belly up like a dog.



Oh, how we love the big board ironing board! Lots of room for us to stretch out or cuddle up and look cute.

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