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Still See Pink!

Well, I guess pink wool is contagous.  This is a continuation of using up the pink wool that I wrote about before.  Talk about a bargain from a yard sale!  I think I have gotten 7 or 8 items out if this piece of fabric.  Thank you Mary Huey!  The fabric is now completely and I do mean completely gone, so one to a new use it up quest!  Enjoy the lastest “pink” additions!

Seeing Pink!

I’ve been having “pink” eye lately.  That’s pink boiled wool, not the contagious kind.  I purchased a piece of pink boiled wool at a fabric yard sale this summer and it has so far been made into 3 purses.  There is still a little left, so I’ll see it for a little while longer.  The wonderful qualities of boiled wool is that it does not ravel when you cut it.  You can use it raw edged or do a decorative finish and not have to worry about lots of strings.  I’ve been pairing it with some faux leather/suede type fabric and it makes a nice mix of soft and hard contrast.  Check it out!


The “Scrap Bag” Project

The winter continues and I’m about to go crazy!  It’s 60 degrees on St. Patrick’s Day and a week later there is a foot of snow outside!  But alas, I carry on with my fabric diet and using things in my stash.  I’ve actually been doing pretty good.  I have completed over a dozen bags and another dozen little zippy bags.  Check out the purse page for the “Orange Collection”.

The good thing is after finishing a quilt project I did a smart thing….I put all the pieces and parts with coordinating fabric all in a Ziplock bag.  The bad part is I found the drawer that they have all been hiding in.  Thus started the “scrap bag project”  OMG!  One thing led to another.  One scrap led to another scrap and another.  I’m happy to say I killed all the orange scraps, but must confess that I did buy a small piece of fabric to make the handle.  There was nothing left to make it without it really looking like I sewed scraps together.  Here’s a few samples from the ” the scrap bag project”.

Book Review

I recently got two new books and can’t wait to make things from them.  The first one is Twinkle Sews by Wenlan Chia.  The garments are very fashion forward, but simple in their lines and construction.  The book includes full size patterns for every size and fabric layout for cutting.  The directions are minimal, so recommend you have some basic garment construction skills.  Wenlan Chia also does knitting books, so if you are a knitter you may want to check those books out too.

The second book is Carry Me 20 Boutique Bags to Sew by Yuka Koshizen.  These bags are unbelievable! They are wonderfully constructed and has very detailed drawings on how they are to go together.  This isn’t a purse pattern like you pick up at your local sewing or quilting store.  The bag details are fabulous.  I’ve got a few pages marked, so now I just need to get started sewing them.

If you are like me, you hate to order books online without seeing them.  I got both of these books at my local library first to check out.  If your local branch doesn’t have it ask them to do a search at other libraries for you.  There is no extra cost for the search, but may take a little longer to get it.