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Still See Pink!

Well, I guess pink wool is contagous.  This is a continuation of using up the pink wool that I wrote about before.  Talk about a bargain from a yard sale!  I think I have gotten 7 or 8 items out if this piece of fabric.  Thank you Mary Huey!  The fabric is now completely and I do mean completely gone, so one to a new use it up quest!  Enjoy the lastest “pink” additions!

Seeing Pink!

I’ve been having “pink” eye lately.  That’s pink boiled wool, not the contagious kind.  I purchased a piece of pink boiled wool at a fabric yard sale this summer and it has so far been made into 3 purses.  There is still a little left, so I’ll see it for a little while longer.  The wonderful qualities of boiled wool is that it does not ravel when you cut it.  You can use it raw edged or do a decorative finish and not have to worry about lots of strings.  I’ve been pairing it with some faux leather/suede type fabric and it makes a nice mix of soft and hard contrast.  Check it out!