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Yes, I’m still here

I know it has been awhile since I posted anything, but the last 6 weeks have been crazy.  It’s show season and I have had shows every 2 weeks for the last 6 weeks.  It’s been more about production and less about creativity.  I shouldn’t complain because given the current economy my shows have been good this season.

I did manage to attend two “creative” things last week.  The first was a day with Sue Hausmann over at Janie’s Sewing Corner.  I’ve know Sue from her many years from her association with Husqvarna Viking.  Sue is all about quick, fast sewing tips and  tricks.  She showed a great technique on ways to use piping to finish the edge of your garment.  You can either use it in the seam to make a reversible garment or use it as a facing in a techniques she calls “French Piping”.  Piping really isn’t as hard as it looks once you see Sue do it. 

The second and really fun event I attended, with my friend Heidi from Stitch Cleveland and my husband (yes, my hubby went), was a Project Runway Watch Party for Valerie Mayen who is a local Cleveland designer on this season’s show.  The show finished taping in July and now Valerie is meeting with her fans to watch the episode and give her comments.  Each week it is at a different bar/restaurant, so you get a tour of Cleveland too.  Follow her on Facebook and see where the next party will be.  So much more fun then watching at home alone in your PJ’s.  We’ll have to keep watching to see if she wins.  I’m voting for her. How about you?

Check out these links

Just a quick one today on where you can find me on some websites.  First off, the Threads Magazine website in the Reader’s Closet section.  I submitted my green denim jacket (under QCD) that I made out of flea market fabric that still had the $.97/yard sticker on it.  The magic of this project was the buttonholes that I made separately and fused on the lapel and collar due to having too much bulk at the seam.  I wasn’t getting good ends on my buttonholes the normal way of sewing them.

Next up, my corduroy jacket from a Simplicity Project Runway pattern. Good story on that one too, got the fabric from a vintage fabric yard sale for $5.  Not only did I make the coat, but also a skirt and still have fabric left.  What a steal!  The lining was $2 a yard and I got the buttons for half price.  All totaled out at $20-$25 for the project.  Can’t buy it for that!