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The “Scrap Bag” Project

The winter continues and I’m about to go crazy!  It’s 60 degrees on St. Patrick’s Day and a week later there is a foot of snow outside!  But alas, I carry on with my fabric diet and using things in my stash.  I’ve actually been doing pretty good.  I have completed over a dozen bags and another dozen little zippy bags.  Check out the purse page for the “Orange Collection”.

The good thing is after finishing a quilt project I did a smart thing….I put all the pieces and parts with coordinating fabric all in a Ziplock bag.  The bad part is I found the drawer that they have all been hiding in.  Thus started the “scrap bag project”  OMG!  One thing led to another.  One scrap led to another scrap and another.  I’m happy to say I killed all the orange scraps, but must confess that I did buy a small piece of fabric to make the handle.  There was nothing left to make it without it really looking like I sewed scraps together.  Here’s a few samples from the ” the scrap bag project”.

Use it up – Part 2

Isn’t amazing how when you are trying to use up things you have, you create more odds and ends?  Here’s another little piece I made when I found the leaves (already done) while looking for something else.  I think it was from a technique called Herky Jerky that I didn’t ever grasp. Oh well, I love how the brights play with the black.

Next I had some pieced strips leftover from jackets I made my husband’s nieces like forever ago.  Once sewn together they were maybe the size of a place mat.  The narrower one I made into a Tee Pee bag.  You just need a rectangle twice as long as it is wide.  We all have some of those scraps around.    The other striped piece I made into a 3 pocket travel cosmetic bag using other fabric for the lining and leftover binding for the edges.  


You just have to dig through the stash ladies and figure it out what works together!     I’m headed to NEORQC this weekend in Aurora for their annual quilting retreat.  So check back to see my class project.

Use it up

I’ve been nursing a bad sinus infection for almost 2 weeks now, so not much has been happening in the sewing room.  A couple of afternoons I have gone in to just putter around.  My “sewing assistants” were there just in case I needed anything. Check out their page to see their latest picture.

I’ve really been trying to use up fabric I have.  We all have some project leftovers around, leftover quilt blocks, a small piece of focus fabric, cut strips  or whatever.  These small projects are made from leftovers.

The first one was made out of some scrap heart novelty fabric.  I couldn’t  actually cut a pattern from it so I just started squaring it up into strips and pieces, added some coordinating fabrics, sewed some together, cut them off, add some more and so on.  It was perfect for a little Valentine’s Day topper for my kitchen island.

The second little topper was made from bonus triangles from another quilt. I sewed the triangles together to make little pinwheels.  From there it was add some of the leftover strips to make it square, then add a border.  The border is pieced on the diagonal to add some more interest.  So I changed out the Valentine’s Day topper to this one. Hopefully, spring will come and we can put out the pretty pastels. 

Last, but not least, I had a leftover rectangle piece of fabric that I had quilted for a purse.  Okay what can I do with that????  I put a thick decorative thread in the upper looper of my serger and went around the edges.  It came out nicer than I thought it would.  Next I folded it into thirds and sewed the side seams together, put a button hole in the flap, sew on a button and your done!  It holds a credit card or gift card perfectly.  So take some scraps and play, who know what you might come up with.