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Threads Magazine

Check out the current issue (#150) of Threads Magazine I have a tip in there for making “fake” buttonholes.  I had gotten some fabric at a flea market, which luckily did not fall apart when I washed it. I designed and made a jacket with 15 button holes.  Yes, 15 buttonholes.  They all were not functional buttonholes, but the buttons are what made the jacket.

Anyway, after much frustration of not getting good ends on my buttonholes due to the seam being bulky because of  the fabric and the fact that I put piping in the seam too. I had a crazy idea session with my friends Heidi and Megan at Stitch Cleveland and out of that we came up with a solution.  I stitched my decorative buttonholes on 2 layers of tulle netting, then I trimmed them close to the stitched, fused them on with Steam-A-Seam 2 and then sewed my button on top.  They look real and no one would know except if they looked at the underside and saw no stitching.

Here’s the completed jacket.  What do you think?