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Silk Screened t-shirts

Sorry, it’s been awhile since the last post.  I got a new camera and have been trying to figure it out.  Still working on the technical settings, even though it is suppose to be “easy”.  Yeah right!

Anyway, I cut out some the t-shirt fabric I got at Vogue Fabrics in April and used some of my Marcy Tilton silk screens to embellish them before I sewed them up.  It’s amazing how more expensive fabric feels and how it works with your project.  These peach t-shirts were the lesser expensive fabrics that I did first.  Not a lot of stretch to it and kind of slight of hand to the touch.

I used a random square design along the curved front and inserted a mesh/netting strip under the overlapping seam to stick out just a bit.  I repeated the block design on the hems of the sleeves to tie it all together.  This is Marcy’s Vogue Pattern #8497

This next t-shirt I had made originally in the fall with long sleeves and LOVED IT!  It fit great, so I decided to make it again only sleeveless for the summer.  Well, I still love the style, but this peach fabric isn’t as nice as the fabric I made my first one out of and fits me totally different. 

On this t-shirt I silk screened just the neck and arm facings.  I used a broken line design and when you twist the facings you just see them now and then.  This is Marcy’s Vogue Pattern # 8582. 

I’ve got two more t-shirts screened and ready to go.  One is made and the other is cut out, so will hopefully have those up later this week.  Hopefully, I will also have a better grasp of the new camera.  I ordered some new screens about a week ago, so when they come I can keep going on my t-shirt making adventure!

Take Manhattan

Recently, I shared some new books that I bought.  One of them was called Twinkle Sews, well I made my first pattern from the book.  This top is called Take Manhattan and I made it from some linen I bought at Vogue Fabrics in Chicago.  It really cute and so comfortable.  It has a loose drawstring collar and a kangaroo pouch pocket. I paired it with a pair of dark brown linen drawstring pants and I was set for a long day.

I will tell you that you need to make sure you have a fresh ream of paper,  plenty of ink in the printer and a big roll of scotch tape before you set off to print the patterns that come on the CD in the book.  This pattern was 56 pages, that all had to then be taped together to make the pattern.  The pages are marked on each corner, so it is easy to put the big jigsaw puzzle together.

I also recommend that you have previous sewing experience before starting these project because there is little direction as far as cutting it out and putting it together.  Just go slow and read everything carefully several times before you dive in.  Otherwise, the patterns are adorable!